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we should do a world reset its been a bit.
Hey Famous!! My laptop was broken, but we are still going!
darn i messed up the link. [link]
I'm still alive. [link]
Hello everyone. This community still alive?
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Did a quick additional world reset for April 2017 for both DW20 and Infinity.


daliena a posted Dec 24, 16

Hi guys!

First of all - I apologise for such a long delay with server going back up. I was locked out from our box entirely and  was on the verge of wiping it clean. I am so glad I did not do that!!!!

Our wonderful Canadian host assisted me thu this ordeal and we finally determined that the box is fine, tested okay and was accepting connections. Which is when the tech guy that was helping me out suggested that maybe I should try alternate software or connection and see what happens. And I tried a different connection. And what do you know - I got connected no problem!!!!

I am frustrated it took so long to figure this out because no changes have been made to my router. This issue just happened the evening when the box went down and I could not get to it to start the server instance. It has to be my ISP. And this was the last thing on my mind to be checking... Now that I know what is the issue - I have a workaround but not a solution yet.

At this time I am able to connect to the box by using my mobile hot spot which has limited data of course. So no backups can be done using this connection of course. I am able to perform maintenance and restarts and etc - but I do need to figure out how the heck did it happen that I am no longer able to SSH or FTP anywhere under my current internet connection.

I have restarted the laptop, I have reinstalled my WinScp client (but it works fine on mobile hotspot so it isnt the issue). So if any of you guys are tech savvy and know this network stuff as far as what could be blocking me - please comment down below! Any suggestions are welcomed!

And those of you celebrating X-Mas be sure to login on Sunday the 25th for your presents!!!

Thank you for your patience!


P.S. I am trying to get the new DW20 pack 1.10 going for us. Stay tuned!

Hi all,

Quick update - additional worlds have been reset for the month of December. Sorry for the delay. As always, explore sensibly as new chunks are being generated.

An important note about mining all the resources available in a certain dimention - please be considerate to others and do not go out for example to the End and mine all the draconium you can see. Same goes for Ender Dragon - if you have no immediate need to kill the dragon - please leave it be and allow other players the opportunity.

See you all in game!


Map reset

daliena a posted Nov 3, 16

Hi guys!

Main map has been reset - come and enjoy refreshed world and new map! This map will stay thru Christmas and New Years and for some time after that.

I know there were a few players that have not had a chance to play much and have just started. My apologies for the frustration of the map reset. However, to give you a head start and make this a little easier - message me on the website or join when i am online - I will try to be online daily. I will help you get started, pick a base spot and etc. So, come join in - this map is pretty cool! I have been flying around and making notes on cool areas so I can hopefully get you a cool spot to build!!!! I have volcanoes, canyon, fungi forest, mountains, origin valley, cherry grove all marked and more cool looking biomes, including one ocean I was able to find hehe!

Everyone that wants a pair of wings - catch me in game and I will get you a pair!

Map is NOT pregenerated yet! Please move with reasonable speed and be considerate to other players. Note that I have not yet set gamerules in additional worlds - I will update when that takes place (hopefully tonight). So, if you do go to the Nether or End or another world - use caution and don't die in lava or fall into the void - you will lose your inventory.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Looking forward to building our holiday town this year so come on over and play!


New server IP

daliena a posted Oct 30, 16

Hi everyone!

Until I figure out a redirect here is the ip of the new box You can edit existing server details and update the IP or you can add a new server and name it exactly the same name as old infinity. This will ensure your waypoints migrate to the new box so to speak. If you rename the server something else - your waypoints will remain pointed to the old server name. Keep this in mind please.

If anyone feels like a map reset is needed, please leave a comment below!



XxXRaNdOm4XxX i wouldnt mind a map reset would like to start from start again.
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